IBBM includes its clients to donate blood

A very big thank you to the PNG Institute of Banking and Business Management (IBBM) and its clients for donating a huge 38 lifesaving bags of blood yesterday.

The PNG IBBM has come on board for the first time to be part of the ANZ Corporate Blood Drive an initiative of The Port Moresby General Hospital. IBBM was excited also to extend awareness to its clients to be part of this wonderful blood drive campaign.

IBBM Administration and Facilities manager Sharon Tokaplen said the institute this year decided to support this great initiative of saving a life through blood donation.

“It’s good to provide community support in terms of donating blood. It is one of the avenues that we as a non-government organisation can use to support.
“This program is in line with company’s values and also to create awareness not only for our staff but also for our clients using our training facilities.
“We choose today because of the training participants we have here this week. All trainers have dedicated two hours to allow trainees to donate blood. “It’s an opportunity also to show our clients, participants and their organisations that we doing our bit in terms of supporting the community and be part of this awareness program”.

She thanked the Blood team for making their time and effort to visit their institution.